Table Touch TTouch at McDonalds Viterbo


Touch TTouch table at McDonald's Viterbo Porta Romana

TTouch in McDonald's ViterboPortaRomana

The table to the Touch TTouch mcDonalds ViterboPortaRomana

Now in McDonald's ViterboPortaRomana, you can, thanks to TTouch Ring, play lots of video games, read the latest news, discover trends in health and wellness, to entertain the kids with coloring and use virtual palettes countless many other tools that will be available to the staff of McDonald's.

The touch table available to the McDonald's restaurant in version, with crystal increased and secure configuration.

In this configuration, the manager can decide what are the chances that their customers can take advantage of the table providing a controlled set of features.

This way you can protect your children by giving the opportunity to a more adult fun.

All this in the unmistakable style of TTouch, that due to its design is able to combine fun and flavor.
Also thanks to the multi-touch software Snowflake installed to use multi-user functionality will be amplified, it was chosen to install the version of snowflake Entertainment, which contains a suite of video games arcade to play alone or with friends. The children then not to quarrel over who should play, they will simply set.


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